Added a featured racer, unfortunately, 2 weeks ago the driver I picked did not return his sheet, so I was unable to do a featured racer for the electric only race.
Small attendance again this week but the racers that were there had a good time, looks like we have a core of about 30 guys that come and race.
Sorry you missed out.
Watch here for a date for the drivers banquet and rules meeting. I would also like to ask for any ideas that you may have that will help out for next season and help bring attendance back up. Just email me and I will pass them on, I plan to attend the banquet this year.
Niels Christensen

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Rick Klein

515-320-1441 - cell


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1/10 Scale Entry Fee - $5 per car
1/4 Scale Entry Fee - $10 per car
1/4 Scale Cornbelt Fee - $5

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QSAC membership will be required for all ¼ scale racers. New lower price for the 2014 season. See QSAC website for details.

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The club owns the RC3 Decoder

Here are our race dates for 2014

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Sept 20 - Corn Belt

includes the Stock Car Twister 250

Oct. 4

IMPORTANT! Amended rule

Veterans Parks Speedway has banned the use of any driving aids in the R/C cars, for example the new Spektrum RC AVC or anything else like it, this includes gas and electric, if your car is found with a system in it, the system must be in bypass. If the system is not in bypass you will be DQ’ed

Electric rules and Questions:

Mike Grems

712-330-0257 - cell


NEXT RACE: Sept. 20th

For the ¼ stock cars