It would be great to get car counts back up in all the classes, so far this year counts have been very low. The few of us that were at the track were talking and wondering what is going on. I for one would like to reach out to everyone and anybody that would like to let me know why they have not been coming and racing, whatever the reason, good or bad, I will keep your name confidential. Maybe you can help the find out.
Niels Christensen

Contact Information:

Rick Klein

515-320-1441 - cell

515-295-2159 - work


Membership - $5 annually

1/10 Scale Entry Fee - $5 per car
1/4 Scale Entry Fee - $10 per car
1/4 Scale Cornbelt Fee - $5

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QSAC membership will be required for all ¼ scale racers. New lower price for the 2014 season. See QSAC website for details.

Here is the transponder info.

The club owns the RC3 Decoder

Here are our race dates for 2014

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July 26

Aug 9 - Corn Belt includes Sprint Car Spectacular

Aug 23 - Electric only including RJ Speed/Bolink Legends and Legend Sprints Nationals

Aug 28,29 & 30 ¼ scale NCS event

Sept 6

Sept 20 - Corn Belt

Oct. 4

Here is some info for the hotels in Algona, make sure if you call for a reservation you tell them you are coming in for the race and you should get a discount.

SUPER 8 IN ALGONA 515-295-7225

BURR OAK 515-295-7213

AMERICAN INN 515-295-3333

Camping will be allowed at the track Only during the event at Algona starting wed. Aug 27th.

IMPORTANT! Amended rule

Veterans Parks Speedway has banned the use of any driving aids in the R/C cars, for example the new Spektrum RC AVC or anything else like it, this includes gas and electric, if your car is found with a system in it, the system must be in bypass. If the system is not in bypass you will be DQ’ed

Electric rules and Questions:

Mike Grems

712-330-0257 - cell


Our next race is July 26th,  We will also be racing on Saturday nights now with the racing starting at 4:00 PM, Registration starting at 3:00 PM, If you have not raced under lights before it takes on more even fun.

Just around the corner, the Sprint Car Spectacular, the RJ Speed/Bolink Nationals and the rescheduled Sportsmen Twister 250. Still plenty of racing to go.

I have ben told that last years champion, Russ Collins will be at the race to defend his title for the RJ Speed/Bolink Nationals being held in a couple weeks, Its getting to be time to get those cars tuned up.